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Steve Vaserman

Mortgage Lender
Company: Supreme Lending
Location: Des Plaines, IL
Telephone: 847-282-4611
E-Mail: [email protected]

Residential, refinance and purchase. Specializing in FHA, VA, Conventional and Jumbo loans.


Honesty and Integrity. Have extensive knowledge and experience in the market.

Someone who is willing to become a partner with me on their transaction. Is able to learn and understand the process from beginning to end.

Short term and long term benefits. Short term for how much borrowers total monthly obligation will be reduced. Long term is amount of finance charges borrower will save over the course the loan.

Simply rate shopping. It is my #1 question. \"What is your rate?\" There are many factors that determine the rate and I would be weary of anyone quoting you with out first analyzing your qualifications.

First time home buyer should understand the type of loan that is being offered, the rate and term on the loan, as well as the cost of the loan. Most importantly all those items should match at the closing table.

Educate yourself in this field. Make yourself available and communicate with your broker as often as possible.

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