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John Paunan

Mortgage Broker
Company: Integrity Mortgage Corporation
Location: Schaumburg, IL
Telephone: 847-613-9129
E-Mail: [email protected]

Residential and commercial, refinance or purchase.


Honesty, integrity and competence.

Someone who is willing to learn about the mortgage process and can accept candid and truthful advice. Clients who simply want to be sold to are the most succeptible to being duped, and such transactions hurt the industry as a whole.

Whether it puts them into a better financial situation. Are they paying down consumer debt and reducing their monthly debt load? Are they formulating a long term ownership strategy and debt management plan? If the refinance helps the client towards the goal of eventually paying off their debt.

Not listening to advice, not being forthright with their current financial situation, and simply rate shopping.

First time homeowners should know about what type of loan they are being quoted, what their short or long term plans are with the property or the loan, what exactly their loan consultant is looking to charge on the loan (origination and YSP), what they can do to accelerate paying down their mortgages.

Attend a mortgage 101 or first-time homeownership class before even thinking about buying a home. Formulate a short and long term home-ownership/mortgage plan. Educate yourself on the right questions to ask your mortgage professional and find out exactly what commission and fees they are intending to assess on the transaction. Do not get caught into the rate quote trap!

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