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Kelly Kusmider

Loan Officer
Company: Residential Loan Centers of America
Location: Des Plaines, IL
Telephone: 800-587-1974
E-Mail: [email protected]

I specialize in loans for the credit challenged. I do both refinances and home purchases to 100%. I am a loan officer backed by a morgage lender. We are a direct lender not just a mortgage broker so our rates are great and our fees are typically less. I have 10 years in the mortgage business.

Illinois, Tennesse, Florida, Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri, Colorado, California and Michigan.

Honest, up front, somebody who tells the consumer what is best for them based on knowledge and experience, not just what the borrower wants to hear.

My ideal client is someone who is open minded, willing to be educated, and who needs help in their current situation.

I base that on the overall picture of what they are trying to accomplish long term and short term. Plus, it has to have a benefit to the borrower.

They don't understand what a GOOD FAITH ESTIMATE is and they don't request one. Borrowers many times are too trusting of their loan officers and get burned because they don't understand the process.

That it can be very emotional. The process is filled with highs and lows but if you have a good loan officer they will keep you informed and help to minimize your worries and stress.

Sometimes what you want is not always what is best for you!

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