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Carla Freitag

Mortgage Broker
Company: Goldens Bridge Financial
Location: Yorktown Heights, NY
Telephone: 914-962-0909 x10

Residential Conventional Conforming A-D paper. Jumbo A-D, Alt A and Commercial


Length of time in the business, # of complaints with the BBB and Banking Dept, # of lenders they do business with, Mortgage Broker should be an operations person with marketing skills.

A client who has demonstrated the willingness and ability to repay the mortgage debt. One who is willing to participate in credit counseling, if necessary.

There must be a benefit to the borrower for me to consider doing a refi and they have reserves outside of any potential cash out.

Not selecting a fixed rate and not having savings reserves.

You should be advised by the mortgage broker about the entire process from start to finish. In my company, we are the cruise directors through the mortgage maze.

I am not an advocate of ARM mortgages unless the borrowers are market savvy and that their income can/will keep up with any potential rate changes.

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