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William J. Archambault Jr.

Mortgage Broker & Loan Originator
Company: First National Mortgage Sources
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Telephone: 702-334-0174 / 702-207-1041

SFR, Single Family residential (1 to 4 units) Conventional, Purchase, Refinance, Cash Out, Fixed, Adjustable, Interest Only, HELOC

All 50 states. As a wholly owned subsidary of a National Bank we are legal in all 50 states.

Modern Communications and Old Fashioned Service, One on One Service

Honest, the ideal client has an honest need, an honest desire, and provides an honest application.

If the cost can be recovered in the foreseeable future they should refinance. Normally 24 months or less.

Selecting a loan from the lowest quote. The only protection a borrower has is the personal integrity of the loan originator.

It's not as difficult as it appears. There is a loan program for almost everyone. If you truly want a home you can have one. The right real estate and mortgage brokers can walk you through the purchase painlessly.

Read "Get The Money", A Consumers Guide To A Successful Mortgage Application" by William J Archambault Jr available from The Real Estate Investment Institute.

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