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Miles Loss

Mortgage Broker
Company: JFK Lending
Location: Tampa, FL
Telephone: (727) 235-1708

I specialize in Residentail and Small Commercial- Under 10 million.

Florida, Tennessee, New York, Indiana & Georgia

Responsiveness, honesty & Integrity. You should be able to talk to your Mortgage Professional and feel confident that you are being handled professionally.

My ideal client is able and willing to participate the mortgage process. Working as a team with we can make the loan process fun and rewarding. I work with first time home buyers and seasoned professionals. Either way is fine with me, I have the experience to accommodate both.

The most important factor in a refinance is the borrower's current and future ability to handle the payment. Converting to a fixed rate mortgage and/or getting cash out would also be factors in determining the benefit. The bottom line is the borrower would need to have a net tangible benefit.

The biggest mistake a borrower could make in selecting a home loan is to allow themselves to be pressured into choosing a loan product they are not comfortable with. Current market conditions indicate a 30 year fixed mortgage product is the best bet; however, each borrower has their own unique needs and concerns that must be addressed.

A first time should be educated on the basics on the loan process and should know what to do and what not to do, such as quitting a job. I like to provide online education on my site for this purchase so the borrower can read at their leisure.

Always make an informed decision and do not work with anyone you are not comfortable with.

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