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Matt Pfeiffer

Mortgage Planner
Company: First Capital Lending
Location: Fort Myers, FL
Telephone: 239-940-1622

Residential Purchases and Refinances.

Florida, Tennessee

Knowledge, Integrity, Experience and Reputation among previous clients and professional partners in the community.

My ideal client is one that cares enough about their transaction to invest the time to learn about their options. I strive to empower my clients to be able to understand how a mortgage can dramatically impact their overall financial picture. Whether this be through "strategic equity repositioning", "the velocity of money" or simply through the rapid "pay-down" and elimination of the mortgage, it is important to know that the time I have invested in education and technology is not for naught. I truly care about your loan and your financial future, do you?

Through consultation and proprietary software and calculators that I utilize on a day-to-day basis. What may be right for Mr. Smith, may not be right for Mr. Jones.

Not asking the right questions. But this is not their fault. If I was not in this industry for the last 12 years, I would not know what to ask! I strive to cover all the relative and pertinent details of any given loan program so the consumer does not have to worry about whether or not they did ask the right questions. With truthful and complete disclosure from an honest lender, the questions the client did not know they should ask will have already been answered.

Everything. They are not really any different than a "second" or "third-time" homebuyer, from the standpoint of the information that should be provided. Granted, one should invest a little more time discussing some of the "behind-the-scenes" processes and time frames, pointing out some of the basic tax advantages of owning a home versus renting, etc., but for the most part, complete and accurate consultations should take place with all clients.

Find your lender by referral! If you can't, ask for testimonials, letters of endorsement or copies of post-closing client surveys from a lender that you find through traditional marketing or advertising techniques. Any self-respecting professional in this should be able to readily provide you with all the references you can ask for so you know that you are dealing with someone that is respected in the community and in the eyes of their previous clients.

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