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Jason Braun

Mortgage Broker / Mortgage Consultant
Company: 1st Mortgage Source
Location: Pinellas County, FL
Telephone: 727-230-9235

FHA / VA / Conventional / Construction to Perm / Commercial / Private / Hard Money / HELOC / REVERSE Mortgages


Experience & Knowledge. A good Mortgage Broker will tell the client the if a product is right for them after review of the entire financial picture and the goals the client has in place, long term and short term.

A truthful client.

Is there an overall benefit to the client, short or long term depending on the client's overall needs.

Not getting pre-qualified prior to finding a home...Most find the home they want and want you to make it fit what they can afford or qualify for. (that's why a lot of people made the MISTAKE of using the Pay Option Arm)...not a good Idea.

At the present time they should know that the mortgage industry as a whole is going through a lot of changes and that programs and guidelines are changing every day.

Contact Me...Really...Find a Mortgage Broker that puts your needs above his/her wallet.

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