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Ray Breault

Mortgage Broker
Company: A1A Mortgage, LLC
Location: Jacksonville Beach, FL
Telephone: 904-247-7414

Do you specialize in commercial or residential lending?

My firm specializes in residential loans but has knowledge and experience in investment and commercial property.

Describe your typical client.

Due to our market area, our clients are from all economic backgrounds. We are able to assist those clients with great credit and high income as well as those with tarnished credit and limited income. From oceanfront condos to inner city bungalows, we have access to the loan programs to assist all types of borrowers.

What types of loans do you typically recommend for first time homeowners?

Today, first time homebuyers have a greater number of options than in years past. The right mortgage is dependent upon not only the borrowers income and credit but also has to take into account the borrowers potential career growth, career stability, etc.

How do you determine what type of loan to recommend to a client?

Our objective is to always place the customer in the loan product that meets their current and projected needs. We get there by spending time in person or on the phone to understand the customers objectives, concerns and to fully understand their financial profile.

What are the most important criteria when selecting a mortgage broker?

When selecting a mortgage broker, the borrower should look for an individual with experience and knowledge. The broker should be available for answering questions and be able to provide options that benefit the borrower. Check out the broker's integrity and honesty with others in the community and with the Better Business Bureau.

What can someone shopping for a loan do to save the most money?

When shopping for a loan, make sure your broker provides you acomplete Good Faith Estimate. Be leery of Good Faith Estimates done by a individual that is not familiar with your states closing costs and lending regulations.

What are some common mistakes people make when either shopping for a loan or hiring a mortgage broker?

In today's technical world, there are a lot of TV and Web based mortgage offerings that look like a good deal. Your local mortgage broker usually can match or beat these offers. Borrowers need to be sure to get a complete and accurate picture. Don't be afraid to ask local expert to give them a second opinion.

Please list all of the states / regions in which you operate.

We are able to service customers that are looking to purchase new property or to refinance any existing property anywhere in the State of Florida.

Best Mortgage Advice...

Use someone that will be on the job during the entire loan process and be there if you have questions or needs in the future. A committed mortgage broker knows that his/her best advertising is a satisfied customer.

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