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My Lam

Mortgage Broker
Company: Britestar Financial Services
Location: Delray Beach, FL
Telephone: 561-713-9225

We specialize in conventional, jumbo, sub prime mortgages etc. So different types of loans for different types of needs based on what loan program the borrower would qualify under.

Licensed to do business in the whole state of Florida.

Types of qualities should consist of experience, honesty and one who looks highly of their reputation in this mortgage business.

My ideal client would be from good credit to bad credit, first time homebuyers or one who just needed some questions answered.

By determining how much money I can save them and how many months/yrs it would take them to see a break even point. It also comes down to how much longer they are planning to stay at that current place.

Probably one of the biggest mistake I believe is from not understanding the different types of loan programs out there that they can go with to save them more money. A good M.B/L.O. can provide different loan programs and discuss all possible advantage/disadvantages to the borrower.

Lending process can be from 1-6 weeks depends on the types of documentation that is required from the borrower.

Ask what types of loan you would qualify for and which ones would best save you the most money in the near/later future. Ask questions!

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