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Joe Hyland

Loan Officer
Company: Excel Mortgage
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Telephone: 702-672-4347

Do you specialize in commercial or residential lending?

Residential & Commercial.

Describe your typical client.

For the most part, homeowners looking for a new home or refinancing their current property. Lately, however, I have been dealing with a lot of investors due to the market in Las Vegas at the current time!

What types of loans do you typically recommend for first time homeowners?

Whichever product fits their particular needs. I like to educate my clients and give them many options while giving my opinion as to which would fit them the best. Ultimately, it is always the client's decision.

How do you determine what type of loan to recommend to a client?

Looking at their current situation, work history and finding out their plans and goals for the future.

What are the most important criteria when selecting a mortgage broker?


What can someone shopping for a loan do to save the most money?

Have a down payment, but every situation is unique!

What are some common mistakes people make when either shopping for a loan or hiring a mortgage broker?

Comparing different information when "shopping" around...and/or providing false info....not getting all of the documentation required for a loan in a timely fashion.

Please list all of the states / regions in which you operate.

Nevada, California, Ohio

Best Mortgage Advice...

Do your homework and ask questions....make sure you are clear with all aspects.......pre-payment penalty, term, payment amount with taxes and insurance. A good loan officer will go over all of these factors!

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